Agostini Building and Fastening Systems (ABFAST)

ABFAST Showroom
ABFAST Showroom

Agostini Building and Fastening Systems (ABFAST) is the division of Agostini through which their Architectural and Contractor customer base are serviced with their range of Construction Chemicals, Hilti Tools and Fastening Systems, Ceiling and Flooring Products, MDF, Plywood, Gypsum and other specialty Building Materials such as Plycem Cement Board, Fiberglass and Mineral Wool Insulation, Access Flooring Systems and  Composite Lumber (Plastic Wood).

In designing their new showroom, the space needed to be bright with a specific color scheme. The existing open ceiling was dark and there was not much natural daylight. Lisa Coelho of Coelho design Limited worked as the interior designer. “I thought the area above needed some “pop”, but all the decorative lights I found were of inadequate light level”

TYE worked closely with Lisa to design a “decorative high bay fixture” with customized color and specific dimensions to complement the space. All designs were done virtually using our Solid Edge 3D modelling software. Modifications and tweaks were done quickly and communicated to Lisa electronically. Once the final design was approved, a prototype was produced using our Robotic Flexible Manufacturing System.

RED High Bay Model2RED High Bay Model3               RED High Bay Model 1

“TYE did an excellent job with going from concept to design, to sample to completion. It worked out really well.”