Human Resource Department

The vision of the HR Department incorporates the overall vision of the company, where it is our mission to ensure that all our employees are fully developed and equipped to perform efficiently and productively.

TYE manages its Corporate Social Responsibilities by ensuring that the company participates and gives back to the community at large, through the following activities:

  • Participation in the organization – KIND [ Kids in Need of Direction]
  • Participation in the OJT programs – we offer employment to trainees in the OJT program in the areas of mechanical maintenance, management, welding and general production.
  • Participation through general charitable donations to those in the immediate community who are neediest.
  • Participation in the Habitat for Humanity Program.

The H.R Department also has a vested interest in the welfare of the employees, and as such, there are initiatives that are geared to assist them such as:

  • A wholesale food purchasing and distribution program, that allows employees to purchase basic food items at cost price, therefore ensuring that they realize a saving on their food bills.
  • A scholarship program, which is the brain child of the CEO and is managed by the department. This scholarship is available to all permanent employees children who is about to enter secondary school or already enrolled in a secondary school. This is an annual event.
  • Participation in the Company Newsletter Program, where employees are encouraged to submit articles for the paper.

At this time there are no immediate vacancies in the company, due to the current economic situation. All temporary positions are filled by OJT trainees.