Health & Safety (HSE)

TYE Manufacturing Company Limited shall conduct its operations in a manner that will provide for the Health and Safety of its employees, visitors, customers and contractors.

It is our business to provide our customers with the highest quality products and service, in a drug and substance – free environment; therefore, every employee has an individual responsibility in the company’s Health and Safety Program, to protect themselves, co-workers and the company assets, and shall comply with all company Policies, Procedures and Safety Regulations.

“No job should be so important and no service so urgent, that we cannot  take our time to perform or deliver same in a safe manner”

The objectives of the above policy are:

  • To ensure that all legal requirements under the OSHA Act are met, and that steps are taken to comply with any changes.
  • To design, develop, operate and maintain facilities and processes that are safe.
  • To introduce and maintain systems which will assure the provision of high standards of health and safety, and will verify these standards by regular auditing.
  • To set annual improvements and targets, and review to ensure that they are being met at the employee level.
  • To involve all employees and the employees representatives in the implementation of this policy and provide all necessary training.
  • To provide continuous communication on health and safety internally through the establishment of communication networks.
  • To maintain procedures for investigation of all incidents and take action that is reasonable to prevent recurrence.
  • To ensure that all our contractors maintain high standards of safety performance in keeping with company and legal regulations.